SeaGate Course





1 Programming Technology, C++, Java, Php and MySQL
2 Graphic Desigining Macromedia Freehand /Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop with Plugins,  Adobe In-Design, Light Room ( on request )
3 Multimedia, 3D Modeling & Animation,
Concept of Multimedia, 3D Modeling and Animation, Fruity Loops, Adobe Audition, Adobe Premier, After Effects, Macromedia Flash MX, Flax, Swish,  Project and Presentation

Advance Office Specialist

Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint
5 Database Management SQL Server
6 Web Technology Photoshop, HTML, JavaScript, WordPress, Website Uploading and Editing, PHP/ASP, CGI,  MySQL,  WebServer Concept,
7 DotNet Technology Concept of DotNet Technology, VB Dot and ASP Dot, Project preparation and presentation., Introduction to GIS
8 Network Programming Tech, Concept of Network Programming, Oracle Database, VB Fundamental, Desktop, Distributed, Overview of D2K, Project preparation and presentation.
9 CAD & SPSS Tech,  Concept of CAD and SPSS, AutoCAD 2D & 3D, SPSS 12, Project and Presentation, Introduction to raster Design and GIS
10 Remote Sensing,  GPS, Satellite Image Interpretation, Ilwis or ENVI, Project and Presentation, Introduction to ArcGIS


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