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    9. Rupy’s International
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SeaGate Special Scholarship Training

Every Saturday


Sponsored by: Mr Y. Hayasaka and View Point Research Institute, Los Angeles, USA

Project: Squeak, Programming, Designing, Multimedia and 3D Modeling and Animation Technology

Duration: 16 wks (4 months)

Important for: Social Status, Education and Career

Target Group: Selected Students, Class 4 to 9 (Boarding Schools)

Contribution: Nominal + Registration: Rs 100 + Requires two photos


Objectives: Empower students through latest technologies.

Immediate Benefit

  • Exposure to the technology
  • Networking with students from other schools
  • Helps in Maths and Science learning

Squeak Benefits:


  • These three programs and Squeak are the foundations for all walks of life now and in future
  • Learn latest computing technology that is required for life.
  • Only selected students from selected schools
  • All students are counseled and interviewed with their parents before selection
  • One selected student can recommend one student from class 4 – 9
  • He/s will also get the same privileges as you do.
  • Selected students will feel superior in their class in their school.
  • Recommended student can be from any school.
  • None selected students are not allowed.
  • Homogeneous group
  • Great financial saving for you
  • Great networking with the students from other schools.
  • Mass communication through two minute speech
  • Personality development
  • Develops positive attitude
  • Builds confidence
  • Life will be faster and ahead of others
  • Supported by Viewpoints Research Institute, USA and Y. Hayasaka
  • Project preparation and development.
  • Your life will be different within 4 months.
  • And you will be a member of SeaGate and Profit from IT

Other Benefits

  • Adds value in their intelligence
  • Parents will be satisfied with the progress they see in their children.
  • Brings hope and joy at home.
  • Children will develop logical thinking while learning different computer applications and interacting with different people.
  • Children will develop personality through presentation and learn how to get the work done from other friends