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Prospective Microsoft CEO, 2014

Make your PC/Laptop Run Faster

  1. Update the software at least once in two months
  2. Install one antivirus, not two
  3. Keep your data in separate drive other than C. eg in D or E Drive not in C Drive
    1. Data: Resume, Joke, Games
    2. Pictures
    3. Videos
    4. Work
  1. Backup your data regularly in your server or in the cloud
  2. Do not put many files in the desktop
  3. Make a backup at least every two weeks
  4. Do not keep any software that is not being used for more than one month
  5. Be safe in internet
  6. Do not download or install and run anything you don’t know
  7. Use the correct charger for laptop
  8. Do not use the laptop on soft cloth or bed.
  9. If you are bringing the laptop/desktop for repair or installation, make sure you back up your data.

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News on Internet Crime

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