1.  Introduction ·         Different levels (main window, command window, variable window, data view) ·         STATA commands (structure) (probably using the example of tabulate and tabstat) ·         Help and search function ·         Do-files ·         Log-files 2. Data management I ·         Variable measures (scale, ordinal, nominal) ·         Logic expressions (if, greater than, smaller than, equal, unequal, and, […]

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AutoCAD: Automated Computer Aided Design

CHAPTER TOPICS INTERDICTION OF AUTOCAD AutoCAD versions Interface Control the Drawing CHANGE VIEWS Function keys AutoCAD basics Cartesian coordinate system ABSOLUTE COORDINATE SYSTEM RELATIVE COORDINATE SYSTEM Draw commands Line command Poly line command Rectangle command Modify commands Move ,Rotate, Scale, copy, Mirror, erase, trim, extend Annotate Dimension Style Manager Linear, Aligned, Radius Angular, Arc length

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Advance Excel

Unit I: Remembrance of the key functions related to basics and Intermediate Unit 2: Formula and Function Unit 3:  Performing Lookups Unit 4:  Data Functions Unit 5:  Math Functions and Arrays Math Functions Unit 6: Functions for Working with Text Unit 7:Spark lines and Other Useful Functions Spark lines Outlining Custom Views Other Useful Functions

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