About us

SeaGate, established in 1992, caters to the market of education training by offering high quality computer and management training to the beginners, school/college students and professionals of any discipline.

SeaGate is the first private institution providing GIS training.

Why SeaGate ?

Most Important Reasons Are :

  1. SeaGate is equipped with state of the art technology.
  2. SeaGate provides free practice hours as when needed.
  3. SeaGate has highly qualified software and hardware engineers and professionals.
  4. SeaGate provides separate Theory and Practical Class Room.
  5. SeaGate provides membership to the participants that will help them burrow whatever it has. It is valid for life
  6. SeaGate is connected with Internet 24 hours.
  7. SeaGate has weekly offer
  8. SeaGate has special Personality Development for Children
  9. SeaGate provides hardware maintenance and software installation for token cost
  10. SeaGate provides educational materials for token cost

The Leader in Computer Training

Special :

  1. SeaGate provides volunteering jobs to college students. According to SeaGate principle. “Get job without experience or get experience without job !”
  2. SeaGate is having foreign computer experts from all over the world time to time.
  3. SeaGate is collaborated with German and American Companies.
  4. SeaGate recommends its outstanding participants to find a job in different local companies.
  5. SeaGate Staffs have training from Germany, USA & other industrialized countries.
  6. SeaGate organizes National and International Conference every year